Tooth whitening or bleaching is a popular procedure to help make teeth brighter in appearance. Bleaching can be used to lighten discolored teeth and enhance a smile. Our dentists and hygienists are very knowledgeable about many systems and modalities of whitening and brightening smiles. We tailor recommendations to each patient specifically.

One of the available options that has had very pleasing results for our patients is the custom take-home bleaching tray system. The whitening material is applied to your teeth using a tray custom fit to your mouth, so the results are ideal. Generally, optimal results are seen within a two week period. Our office also offers an economical whitening strip system that is very easy to use and will deliver favorable results in a relatively short period of time!

If you are interested in enhancing the general shape and/or contours of your teeth in addition to the color, ceramic veneers or crowns may be an option for you. Learn more about these procedures by clicking here or call our office for a consultation.

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