Dealing with any type of dental emergency is obviously never a pleasant experience.  When it happens after hours or during your dentist’s most busy times, things only become all the more stressful. The first thing many consider doing is rushing to their local emergency room, though many ER staffs do not keep specialists on hand to handle more complex dental issues. Often, the best they can do is treat the problem to the best of their ability, and prescribe something to help with the pain.  So what do you do when you need immediate, urgent or emergency dental care?

At Pittsford Family Dental, we understand that dental emergencies rarely happen at convenient times.  As one of the leading dental centers in Pittsford, NY we offer emergency care whenever possible to ensure that neither you nor your loved ones have to wait too long to receive the highest level of treatment.  

  • We do our very best to accommodate last-minute calls as quickly as possible
  • One of our dentists is always on-call to handle after hour dental emergencies
  • A wide range of financial options to make getting treatment more affordable 
  • Emergency dental treatment for broken teeth, bleeding, infections and more
  • Services are available for new patients as well as those we treat regularly

Knowing who to call in the event of a dental emergency can have a profound impact on the quality of your treatment.  If you’re reading this right now because you’re experiencing a dental emergency in the Pittsford or Rochester, NY area, we encourage you to call us at 585-248-5250 and let us know the details of what’s happened.  If there’s no answer, be sure to leave a message and one of our dentists will respond to you as soon as it’s possible.

Pittsford Family is located at 3592 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford, and proudly serves the needs of patients in Pittsford, Rochester and the greater Western NY area.